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The Hottest Appliances to Inspire Delicious Foodie Creations

Top tending indoor and outdoor appliances in 2021

Many a Valentine wants to make over his or her culinary kingdom, inside or outdoors. So we invited Jessica Petrino to join us. She has an unusual career, specializing in appliance industry education initiatives for the AJ Madison Learning Center. She’s going to help us learn about the hottest appliances for post-Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Appliances can bring joy and excitement to cooking at home. We’re seeing creative appliance installations and combinations. From artisan pizza ovens, to smoothie stations, smart ranges, and outdoor teppanyaki griddles – appliances are the tools that transform ingredients into fabulous meals. Consider your favorite dishes and recipes and choose cooking appliances that will help you prepare meals to perfection. Whether you're a seasoned home chef or recently developed a passion for quarantine cooking, there are many appliances designed to take your home meals to the next level.

Smart Home Cooking Appliances

Smart appliances are appliances that use Wi-fi connectivity to improve the user experience in a meaningful way. The great thing is these smart features aren’t always more expensive. You can buy smart appliances in many brands and prices. You don’t need to be a technical whiz to use a smart appliance. If you are proficient at using a smartphone or tablet, and have a home wi-fi connection, using your new smart appliances should be a piece of cake.

With smart cooking appliances, you don’t need to be a chef to cook like one. Trending wi-fi connected appliances can help the cook with step-by-step instructions. Select guided cooking appliances can calibrate for confounding factors like portion size or pan type. They provide guard rails against failure in the kitchen, ensuring perfectly prepared results every time.

No two households cook the same. Smart cooking appliances have built-in recipe settings and various app integrations to help you cook your favorite meals. Some guided cooking apps will even account for your dietary needs and ingredient preferences, so you can prepare dishes everyone in your family will enjoy.

GE Kitchen Hub with WiFi Connect

· If you’re looking to host a socially distant dinner party the Café Smart Kitchen Hub is your new best friend. The Smart Kitchen Hub looks like a large screen mounted over your stove or cooktop. The screen has a tablet interface where you can find new recipes, video chat with friends, or stream your favorite playlist. The Hub also serves as your vent hood. With 600 CFM you will be able to clear the air from smoke, grease, and cooking odors. With two built-in cameras, you can live stream your cooking and video chat at the same time. So, if you need some help from Mom, the Hub can bring you closer even from afar. Plus, if you love to cook, you can share your Instagram-crave-worthy creations and easily live stream your cooking progress right from the hub.

Custom Design and Functionality

A huge trend in the appliance industry today is customization. Especially if you are buying luxury appliances, having the ability to customize your appliances to fit your kitchen design, and cooking style are expected.

Neutral colors like white and grey have been popular for cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes, custom color appliances give you a pop of color in an otherwise neutral design. The days of builder basic are over. Color appliances are a great way to make your project stand out. The cooking range is the focal point in most kitchens. Stainless steel has been a top choice for decades and high-end consumers are looking for something new. Consider a range that brings a higher level of style and design.

If you’re looking for culinary customization, you can design your own cooking surface by combining a series of smaller specialty cooktops together. The collection also includes gas, griddle, and induction options for you to mix and match. Many pro range brands offer different surface configurations so you can find the perfect stove to compliment your cooking style.

Instead of going to the store every day, we’re buying and storing more food at home. Refrigerators are essential for short term fresh food storage and leftovers. Freezers are important for longer term preservation and frozen goods. When designing kitchens in the future, we’re going to pay more attention to refrigerator and freezer capacity.

Columns are a more upscale way to add extra storage space to your kitchen. If you’re going for a luxurious look, consider these all-refrigerator, all-freezer, and wine storage towers that can be mixed and matched to give you an optimal amount of storage space. Install them side-by-side or separated, whichever works best with your design.

True Residential Wine Column

· True Residential makes high quality refrigerators, freezers, and wine preservation appliances. This wine column can hold up to 150 bottles and has a UV glass door to protect your collection. It has two zones so you can store reds and whites at the perfect temperatures. Plus, it comes in color. Choose from trending finishes like gloss black, matte white, cobalt blue, emerald – and more. Plus custom hardware choices make it possible to have antique brass, copper, chrome, or gold handles.

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Spending time outside is a healthy way to enjoy the warm weather months. This year, we've seen rapid growth in outdoor living renovations heavily influenced by the pandemic and the new stay-at-home lifestyle.

There are four parts to any successful outdoor kitchen plan. Like with your indoor kitchen, you need to consider cooking, cooling, storage, and clean-up.

First, select a barbecue grill. Gas grills can be freestanding or built into a permanent structure like weatherproof cabinetry or a stone hardscape. Many upscale grills have a rotisserie option and a smoker box to add delicious barbecue flavor. If you like to keep the party going after dark, look for a grill with backlit control knobs and task lighting. There is a plethora of sizes, colors, and brands available.

Consider a companion product or alternative to a traditional gas grill, like a pellet grill, charcoal grill, or a smoker. These grills take longer to cook than a gas grill; however, they deliver exceptional flavor.

Lynx Professional Grill Series Pizza Oven

· The Lynx Napoli Pizza Oven can be built into your kitchen, placed on a countertop, or a freestanding cart. This oven is extremely powerful. A 40,000 BTU infrared burner is capable of baking at temps up to 700° F. Its specially formulated dome warms up quickly to provide steady, radiant heat that bakes dishes completely without requiring you to rotate them. For safety, a pull-out cooking surface makes it easy for you to place, check, or remove a dish.



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