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We are the Ball Family, located in Montpelier, Vermont. We are seeking an Au Pair to join our family as soon as possible. Our home is close to the city center in a safe neighborhood surrounded by beautiful trees, mountains, and wildlife. 

About the Ball Family

Spending a year in America is a big deal and selecting the right host family is a big commitment. We want to make sure you feel that our family is a great match. We want you to feel welcome in our home and an important member of our family. We hope your experience as an au pair is full of positive memories and experiences.

Location: Montpelier, Vermont

Children: Alexander (Xander) Birthday May 20, 2022, Eliza Birthday July 31, 2023

Parents: Jarod age 41, Jessica age 32

Pets: 3 Cats named Jasper, Willa, and Bayley

Special Needs: None

Diet: No restrictions, we try to be healthy and buy many fruits and vegetables

Religion: Jess is Jewish, Jarod is Catholic, we do most holidays but do not usually attend services

Expected Working Hours: 8AM - 5PM Monday-Friday

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Eliza is a newborn baby girl. She was born in July. She is currently cared for by the host parents but will be three months old in November, 2023.



Xander is 1.5 years old. He loves cars, trucks, books, and spending time outside. He loves his music class, spending time at the park, and socializing with his cousins and neighborhood friends. 

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